Try following the energy instead of the money and you might come upon something quite different. (For one, that following the bursting of the fracking bubble may be the inflation, and then bursting, of the alternative energy bubble.)

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Follow the Energy to Find the Money

Peat, an early yet minor fossil fuel

While the phrase "follow the money" is common parlance in progressive circles these days, a more relevant line of investigation for these peak oil times of ours might be, I think, "follow the energy."

For as it is, the suggestion of "following the money" generally refers to something like following the trail of bread crumbs all the way to where the buck stops, one eventually coming upon a conniving band of so-called "one-percenters," conveniently deemed as being resposible for all the evils in the world. However, if one tries "following the energy," the conclusions and perspectives drawn can be quite different. (Aside: if we really followed the money, then we'd notice that most money is actually created out of thin air by private banks as debt, but that's a whole other story.)

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Doin' the doo-doo dance

Regular readers of this recently started blog will be aware that its focus encompasses the broad issues pertaining to the unfolding saga of industrial civilization's collapse. This is in no small part due to the peaking of various energy supplies and the constraints these limits will place on various facets of our societies, facets which we regularly take for granted.

It is however to my surprise that I am here to announce that this entire blog has actually been invalidated due to the ingenious thinking of a few men, and one shining star in particular, a Mr. Nolan Too. It is furthermore my pleasure to participate in this exclusive interview with Nolan, a man who realized that the solution to all our energy problems has been right in front of our noses – quite literally – this entire time. Nolan, it's great to have you here.

Nolan Too: It's my pleasure.

Allan Stromfeldt Christensen: So Nolan, tell me about your new company Baby Doo-Doo and the story behind this technological breakthrough you've come up with.

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