By being seeds of music can bands of Gypsies help bring harmony and light to the world, particularly in what appears to be the coming years of darkness.

With Spotify's "infinite" catalogue providing the Tinder-esque equivalent of the musical one-night stand (Tindify?), might it not be time to think about placing some limits to music?

The music industry finally managed to stem its piracy-induced hemorrhage. Nonetheless, and like the rest of industrial civilization, the music industry is on it's way to collapse.

A review of Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed's excellent "big-picture" take on what he calls our "crisis of civilization" (as opposed to a "clash of civilizations").

Are certain peak oil and collapse sites being blacklisted from being blacklisted, or might those in charge just be daft to the big picture here?

After this zany election, is it any more zany to think that perhaps it's fixed and part of a grand farce whose purpose is to provide an ongoing distraction to the collapse of industrial civilization?

There is no single extremely viable change we could make in our lives to combat fossil fuel consumption (and thus climate change) than ditching film and television.

Politics can be egalitarian when going up Hubbert's Curve, but it's a whole different story when going down.

A recent crowdfunding campaign to bail out Greece does little more than obfuscate the role that energy shortages play in Greece’s systemic collapse.

The success of Uber gives truth to the fact that post-Great Recession, people are increasingly unable to afford the amenities they've come to expect and so are seeing their expectations triaged and downsized to ever-cheaper goods and services.

Neither a slow or fast collapse of industrial civilization are pre-ordained. However, to implement a slow collapse requires more energy than a fast collapse, a resource whose supply is reaching its limits. How (s)low can you go?

I just did my first series of podcasts, with RE and Monsta of the Doomstead Diner. As the title says, these cover my quitting of film, WWOOFing in New Zealand, my two visits to the Age of Limits conferences, and collapse.

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