Could the US finally have the politician it needs, one with the uncanny familiarity with human wastes that enables them to usher in compost toilets across the nation?

The transgender restroom debate is effectively a red herring, its solution lying in the question affecting us all: "What do we do with our effluents as industrial civilization collapses?"

Dan Chiras: "The most affluent have become the most effluent." Dr. Pooper: "You humans have big brains, but you've got even bigger arseholes."

Cities of all sizes are built upon sewage systems based on an array of fossil fuel inputs – and the levees are starting to overflow. Time to give this shit a re-think.

It's said that money makes the world go round. But since money is a proxy for energy, it would be closer to say that energy makes the world go round. But they're both wrong. Truth is, shit makes the world go round.

Human wastes and animal manures have lost their place in agriculture, replaced with petrochemical fertilizers. However, our modern fertilizers are just as tied into the limits as those inherent in fossil fuels. It's time we re-think this shit.

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