To see, or not to see the new Wendell Berry documentary, that is the question.

Taking a page out of the WWE playbook, could Trump be playing a WEE character in order to distract the citizenry from peaking energy supplies & the collapse of industrial civilization?

There is no single extremely viable change we could make in our lives to combat fossil fuel consumption (and thus climate change) than ditching film and television.

Do film and television provide a net befefit, or might they actually result in an overall loss when it comes to climate change and other major problems of ours?

Do climate change films assist us in reducing our fossil fuel consumption, or pacify us into watching ever more film & television and spewing out more CO2?

I just did my first series of podcasts, with RE and Monsta of the Doomstead Diner. As the title says, these cover my quitting of film, WWOOFing in New Zealand, my two visits to the Age of Limits conferences, and collapse.

Netflix is the latest in a long list of motion picture technologies, and it's sweeping the globe. But what do increased video technologies do for climate change, and thanks to peak oil, how long until Netflix – and film & television in general – go kaput?

We're immersed in film and television and for the most part can hardly imagine a world without them. But if we're to have much of a chance of psychologically and practically dealing with the changes coming due to peak oil, it's likely that we're going to have to leave film and television before film and television leave us.

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