A review of Nafeez Mossadeq Ahmed's excellent "big-picture" take on what he calls our "crisis of civilization" (as opposed to a "clash of civilizations").

How does Australia prevent its own far-right insurgence? Possibly by outflanking them. In other words, by rescinding its slipshod Multicultural Policy.

Are certain peak oil and collapse sites being blacklisted from being blacklisted, or might those in charge just be daft to the big picture here?

While much is said about smashing the "glass ceiling", little is said about getting people access to the land – smashing the "glass floor". It's time we change that.

After this zany election, is it any more zany to think that perhaps it's fixed and part of a grand farce whose purpose is to provide an ongoing distraction to the collapse of industrial civilization?

Taking a page out of the WWE playbook, could Trump be playing a WEE character in order to distract the citizenry from peaking energy supplies & the collapse of industrial civilization?

Politics can be egalitarian when going up Hubbert's Curve, but it's a whole different story when going down.

Surely the United States wouldn't condone "radical Islam," right? For if it did, controlling a country would be as easy as controlling a few clerics.

Like the saying goes, "better the devil you know than the devil you don't," which is perhaps useful when you know which one of them you know better than the other.

Regardless of whether the attempted Turkish coup was real or not, could control of an energy conduit have been the underlying motive?

The transgender restroom debate is effectively a red herring, its solution lying in the question affecting us all: "What do we do with our effluents as industrial civilization collapses?"

Build a wall and deport undocumented Mexicans? How else could the United States' (posh) way of life exist if not off the back of (indentured) Mexican labourers?

Denmark is often lauded as a kind of social utopia. But perhaps we should start thinking about what the end of cheap and plentiful energy-dense fossil fuels might have in store for such platitudes.

Says the rent-a-Prime-Minister: "The TPPA? No don't look at that, look over here, look at this pretty flag debate. And look, a silver fern! A silver fern!"

Austerity and "Grexits" are only going to result in more and more people getting triaged from the industrial economy and, no less, from such basics as food. The alternative? Gretaway!

Industrial civilization and its fossil fuels have allowed for a lackadaisy modern way of life that places an overwhelmingly stronger inclination on the various guises of narcissism than on genuine civic participation, leading to a crisis of democracy.


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