How does Australia prevent its own far-right insurgence? Possibly by outflanking them. In other words, by rescinding its slipshod Multicultural Policy.

Diversity is the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture. Industrial agriculture – based on monocultures – is anything but diverse. If we want sustainable societies and cultures, we're going to have to extend diversity into all aspects of our agricultural systems. And only then could we have authentic multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism is commonly regarded as a synonym for diversity. Yet this generally means diversity of skin colour, a bit of clothing, and a few comfort foods. Is there a lack of diversity in our generally accepted notion of diversity?

Does culture have anything to do with agriculture? To be ecologically respectful, yes, and this would imply locally adapted agriculture. Furthermore, since places are different, people adapted to their places would be different – and this would be authentic multiculturalism.

It's often said that "we are what we eat." But since the majority of the food that the majority of us eat is grown in monocultures, would that not then make us monoculturalist rather than multiculturalist?

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