A quasi-review and sample songs from all of Fanfare Ciocărlia's eleven albums.

Having distilled an array of musical styles, given 2,000+ concerts in 20 years, and criss-crossed the globe on the back of oil, Fanfare Ciocărlia may very well qualify as the peak of music.

By being seeds of music can bands of Gypsies help bring harmony and light to the world, particularly in what appears to be the coming years of darkness.

Nope, we're not going to Mars, but perhaps the (wedding) music of Fanfare Ciocărlia can help us make our way back to a marriage with the fields.

With Spotify's "infinite" catalogue providing the Tinder-esque equivalent of the musical one-night stand (Tindify?), might it not be time to think about placing some limits to music?

The music industry finally managed to stem its piracy-induced hemorrhage. Nonetheless, and like the rest of industrial civilization, the music industry is on it's way to collapse.


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