I just did my first series of podcasts, with RE and Monsta of the Doomstead Diner. As the title says, these cover my quitting of film, WWOOFing in New Zealand, my two visits to the Age of Limits conferences, and collapse.

So I'm surprised to say that lo and behold, not only am I back on the Internet after five years off, not only do I have a blog/website, but I've also now started doing podcasts. That would be with the folks from over at the Doomstead Diner, RE and Monsta. They regularly do interviews with various writers from the collapse blogosphere, in a series which they call the Collapse Cafe. Similarly, each Wednesday RE puts up a new podcast "rant" on the latest happenings in "the world of doom." If you haven't heard either of them, the Collapse Cafe interviews feature some primo authors (John Michael Greer, Ugo Bardi, and others), while the "rants" take the gloom out of "doom and gloom" and are more like "doom and bust your ass laughing."

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