Update, late-June

I know you may have wanted to read otherwise, so I'm disappointed to relay the fact that work on the upcoming post has stalled over the past month. Burnt out and somewhat stuck down in frigid Melbourne (due to a lack of funds) is foisting absolutely no good upon my ability to work, so I've tried to bide my time by reading some extra material for the post, expanding my notes even further, and doing yet more graphics work. Furthermore, I realized a couple of weeks ago that a particular anniversary relevant to the post is coming up on September 1st, and so had decided to set that as the publish date (as I successfully did with that third Svalbard post last September). Unfortunately though if I'm not (financially) able to get my arse up north sooner than later for a change of surroundings as well as to get out of this ice box then I don't see how I'm going to be able to muster the gumption to complete the second draft/overhaul – nor the eight or so subsequent re-writes that this monstrous 40,000-word post will need to go through – before the stated deadline. We'll see, but I don't think it's looking good.

Anyhow, I suppose that all I can do for the time being is post another teaser image, so, here it is:

Rough translation: "Warning: scratches his nuts in public" (inlay photo courtesy of Angel Bena, background photo of actual social credit display via 搜狐)

Update, late-May

Once again, I regret to inform the masses that this next "blog post" is still nowhere near its completion. Furthermore, I used the quotations because at 30,000+ words (so far) this next post is about twenty times as long as what a blog post should supposedly be. As if that weren't enough, contrary to what I stated in the late-April update I've only just finished a quasi-first draft, which I'll soon start working upon – draft, after draft, after draft, after draft.

The 30,000+ words isn’t the only thing causing the delay though, as I’ve also (unexpectedly) had to read a dozen or so books, read hundreds of articles, read several academic papers, compile a massive amount of notes out of it all, and then finally categorize all those notes for the writing of all the subsequent drafts/expansions. Not only is all that a massive slog (writing isn’t my forte I’ll say again), but it also requires me to try and ward off some serious burnout. But such is life I suppose.

Anyhow, as far as I can tell I doubt the post will even be ready for late-June (I'll put up another update regardless), maybe not even by late-July, but at the latest it better be done by mid- to late-August as there’s places I want to be in September.

In the meantime, perhaps I should at least start giving some teasers with these updates, so here's two of the 50+ images that are set to appear in the “who knows when it’s going to be posted” post.

"Blowin' 'em dingo whistles so people think of me as racist, are ya? Well maybe it's time we say nighty night, Mr. Flat White" (background photo by _TC Photography_)

"Here kitty. Heeeeere kitty kitty kitty kitty"

Update, late-April

Alright, so it's late-April and the next post is nowhere near being completed. By the end of the month I do at least expect to have the the first draft finished off, after which I'll then have to go through the requisite dozen or so drafts/expansions (of a very long post) that these posts of mine generally go through. On top of that I've got a few dozen images to put together, so... let's say I'll be very fortunate if I'm able to get it all finished by late-May (if not early-June?). Once again, look out for an update late next month, if not the actual post.

Update, late-March

So back in early-February I was working away on a post that reviewed a recently-released flamethrower (no, I'm not kidding), only to have the post expand so much that I realized I needed to break it up into two or three parts. On top of the delays piling up on each other I then noticed that a book I'd been waiting for had just been released, a book which necessitated immediate reviewal. So I put aside the flamethrower review and got to work on the book review, but now this post has become so ridiculously large that I'll be lucky if I even get it finished by the end of April. Anyhow, late-April you'll either see the book review go up or an update to this message. Following that I'll get to work on breaking up and completing the flamethrower review.

New York City Has Become So Progressive it Plans to Bite the Hand that Feeds it – the Oil Companies

Lady Libertine (with no apologies to Emma Lazarus): "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled energy slaves yearning to exhale CO2 virtually for free, The wretched black gold of your teeming bowels. Send these, the unburned, tempest-tost to me, I fill my lamp beside the charlatan's door" (photos by

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You know things have taken a turn for the desperate when women have started to drive. Or rather, when they're about to start driving in Saudi Arabia. Although repeated efforts over the years to allow Saudi Arabian Miss Daisies to drive themselves haven't managed to budge things in the slightest,