About me

About me

Hello, Allan Stromfeldt Christensen here!

I'm a former budding-filmmaker initially from the Toronto area, one who after having put together an array of short films and videos throughout high school and university was well on his way to setting himself up as a not-too-shabby movie director. In 2003 I then completed my first short film specifically meant to be submitted to the Short Cuts program of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), but at the last minute rather than submit the film I instead decided to ditch the rat-race narcissist-race and so not only forwent with the possibility of getting my first film into TIFF, but also subsequently quit film school shortly before I would have received my university degree.

Shortly after I turned my back on the film and television industries I then I left to New Zealand for a year to volunteer with and work on an array of farming and gardening endeavours, enabling myself to gain first-hand experience with such things as animal husbandry, seed saving, beekeeping, gardening, and shovelling shit.

Upon returning to what was then home, and clueing in that Toronto wasn't authentically multicultural (any more than places like New York City, London, Melbourne, Auckland, etc.), I soon thereafter began work on the manuscript that this blog derives its name from and which was inspired by the following question that somehow found its way into my head:

It's often said that "we are what we eat." But since the majority of the food that the majority of us eat is grown in monocultures, would that not then make us monoculturalist rather than multiculturalist?

Although you won't find many credentials on my LinkedIn page (to be filled in my mid-November as I only just signed up for it), that hasn't stopped me from teaching myself just enough so as to be able to write on such varied topics as peak oil, energy, economics, agriculture, honeybees, seed saving, film and television, and climate change, all of which ultimately culminates in the collapse of industrial civilisation and the renewal of culture.

Along with the aforementioned topics, from time to time you'll also come across posts from an ongoing series I call The Dr. Pooper Papers, a series in which you'll see me clarify such notions as the misnomer that "money makes the world go round" (when in fact it's "shit [that] makes the world go round"), as well as bemoan the fact that although much gets said about out foodsheds and watersheds, there's nary a word that gets spoken about our shitsheds. And in what is perhaps a not-quite sophisticated way of paralleling what Wes Jackson has referred to as The Virtues of Ignorance, from time to time you might also hear me use the voice of Mr. Shit Face Dr. Pooper himself in order to spout such truisms as "you humans have big brains, but you've got even bigger arseholes".

Which, yes, I suppose kind of means that I unintentionally set myself up with an alter-ego, an alter-ego that for better or for worse is a talking piece of shit.

Welcome to From Filmers to Farmers!

"Let's be friends!"

p.s. If you're been wondering whether or not I'm trying to bring topics like the collapse of industrial civilisation to the chattering classes with the sophisticated usage of a middle name, then please think again. Because to go along with the fact that both my first and last names can each be spelled with several variations apiece, a check on Amazon back when I started this blog revealed that – against all the odds – not only is there not just one, not just two, not just three, and not just four other authors that have the same spelling of both my first and last names, but possibly even five other authors that have the same spelling of both my first and last names, maybe even six, as well as a pseudo seventh where the last name of the author of a Danish cookbook is the hyphenated Allan-Christensen. As a result, much how some of those aforementioned Allan Christensens (we're a prolific bunch) differentiate themselves with a middle name or just an initial, I've gone ahead and included my middle name in my nom de plume, also meaning that if you ever see the Stromfeldt handle being used out there on the Internets that there's a good chance that it belongs to me (the Stromfeldt Instagram account is the one exception I know of, I not actually having an Instagram account since I prefer to eat my food while it's still warm).

Credits: As elaborated on in the introductory post to this relaunched blog, this blog runs on the Ghost blogging platform and uses a heavily customized version of the Eston theme, that customization work having been done by myself and Vikas Potluri of HexR.

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