About me

Hello, Allan Stromfeldt Christensen here!

I'm a former budding-filmmaker initially from the Toronto area who – long story short – quit film school and the rest of the rat-race narcissist-race shortly before I would have received my university degree and just as I was about to submit my first film to the Short Cuts program of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Shortly after I turned my back on the film and television industries I then left to New Zealand for a year to volunteer with and work on an array of farming and gardening endeavors, enabling myself to gain first-hand experience with such things as animal husbandry, seed saving, beekeeping, gardening, and shoveling shit.

Upon my return to Toronto I began work on a manuscript which this blog derives its name from, both of which cover such varied topics as peak oil, energy, economics, agriculture, honeybees, seed saving, film and television and climate change, all of which inevitably culminates in the collapse of industrial civilisation and the renewal of culture.

Along with blog posts on the aforementioned topics, from time to time you'll also come across posts from an ongoing series I call The Dr. Pooper Papers, a series in which you can read Dr. Pooper Mr. Shit Face spouting such truisms as "you humans have big brains, but you've got even bigger arseholes". Which, yes, I suppose kind of means that I unintentionally set myself up with an "alter-ego", an "alter-ego" that for better or for worse is a talking piece of shit.

Welcome to From Filmers to Farmers!

"Let's be friends!"

A former filmmaker, now jawboning on the collapse of industrial civili­s­a­tion and the renewal of culture. .