Rank Hypocrisy of Courts and Police Exemplifies Systemic Racism Towards Indigenous Australians
Both the NSW courts and NSW police are caught red-handed discriminating against Indigenous Australians
May 14, 2021 12 min read comments
Australia's New Billion-dollar Seqirus Vaccine Plant Will Be No Match for Avian Leakage
In the meantime, industrialised chickens – and their viruses – have come home to roost in Victoria, setting the stage for a pandemic immeasurably worse than COVID-19
Nov 22, 2020 20 min read comments
Book Review | The End of October
Based on extensive scientific research, a fictional reminder that COVID-19 is but a mild pandemic – and merely a taste what's to come
Oct 31, 2020 11 min read comments
Make Hay While the Pandemic Rages
In other words, treat COVID-19 like a dry-run for the upcoming “big one”
Aug 03, 2020 10 min read comments
A Relatively Mild Pandemic has Instigated the Fleecing of the United States' Populace
However don't expect strikes and yellow vests to fix underlying problems
Apr 12, 2020 15 min read comments
LEGO Gets in on the Industrial-Scale Renewable Energy Sham with the LEGO Vestas Wind Turbine
And it all turns out to be little more than a load of shit
Dec 22, 2018 13 min read comments
Averting Climate Change Catastrophe is the New Fusion Energy
So how many more times are we going to hear that this is our last chance to take action in order to avoid catastrophic results?
Nov 15, 2018 21 min read comments
New York City Has Become So Progressive it Plans to Bite the Hand that Feeds it
Namely, the oil companies
Jan 26, 2018 12 min read comments
The Coming Fall of the House of Saud
Austerity is in, and the countdown to Saudi Arabia's fire sale is on! [part 2/2]
Dec 31, 2017 19 min read comments
No, Not NEOM Nor Even Women Can Save Saudi Arabia and its Monarchy from Peak Oil and Collapse
You know things have taken a turn for the desperate when women have started to drive – or rather, when they're about to start driving in Saudi Arabia [part 1/2]
Dec 08, 2017 11 min read comments