Sounds of COVID-19, with Fanfare Ciocărlia

Sounds of COVID-19, with Fanfare Ciocărlia

Get ready to give your hips a workout, cause the one and only monsters of brass are about to make you want to shake off those COVID-19 blues

In the best of times music can be a joy and even the height of celebration, but in the worst of times music can be a welcomed reprieve from trying circumstances. So in these times of pandemic, with countries around the world finding themselves in varying states of disarray, in the attempt of injecting some light in our lives all COVID-19-related posts here on From Filmers to Farmers will be featuring a (hopefully relevant) song by the Romanian Gypsy brass band Fanfare Ciocărlia.

You'll find the embedded songs at the end of each post, although if you'd like to peruse them all at once then you can do so below, ordered from the most recent to the oldest. Alternatively you can click on any title to be taken directly to that post. (All songs are embeds from Fanfare Ciocărlia's Bandcamp page, excluding songs from their first three albums which are held by a different label and so unfortunately not available digitally on Bandcamp.)

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Copper and its alloys (such as brass, and thus instruments made from brass) are poor transmitters of viruses since the viruses are rapidly inactivated by copper ions, although all bets are off when it comes to not getting aurally infected via the the highly contagious brass attack of Fanfare Ciocărlia (unadulterated photo © Arne Reinhardt)

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