Speaking Engagements

I don't need to tell you that the overarching topic of the collapse of industrial civilisation won't be making any inroads into the mainstream media any time soon, never mind the chances of From Filmers to Farmers ever doing so itself. It's partially this fact that has given me the impression that perhaps the thing to do now is take From Filmers to Farmers on the road rather than sticking solely to blogging, the idea being to deliver the "good news" of industrial civilisation's collapse those who may not otherwise have the chance to hear about or even be exposed to such things.

For the time being I've got no idea how this is going to work, although once things are a bit clearer for me I'll edit this page with said information as well as make timely mention of the update(s) in a post. In the meantime, if you're interested in having me speak in your area at some point in the future on any mixture of topics touched on in this blog, then you can fill in your name, email address, and info about your location in the following form, and/or you can also contact me if you notice on my Nomad List page (where the interactive map up above is embedded from) that I'm going to be in your area (I expect to be on the move again come 2018).

As a kind of addendum to all that I'll point out that yes, I am in fact concerned about climate change, but no, I see no evidence that we're going to refrain from burning up as much of our fossil fuel endowment that we can get our hands on, and at best I imagine we'll burn less today only to see it get burned tomorrow instead. As a result, and particularly if the alternative is to leave that ancient sunlight to be burned up by a bunch of destination wedding junkies instead, I'm now under the impression that it'd be – even beneficial – to burn up some of those fossil fuels in order to pass on the word of industrial civilisation's collapse to people interested in giving such things a listen, people who then might be better able to prepare themselves and their communities for the inevitable upheavals. I'm by no means a cynic though, so while all my over-ocean travel over the years has been done via aircraft (you can see the ridiculous amount of travel I've done over the years on my Nomad List page, and that's without being a jet-set CEO, a tourista, or one of those aforementioned destination wedding junkies), the vast majority of my over-land travel has been done, and will continue to be done, via train, bus, and/or car.

With that said, perhaps we'll be meeting up soon!

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