Mars (The Live Experience) Meets The Limits to Growth, E.T., and Chocolate Bacon

How absurd is this idea of colonizing Mars, you ask? Put it this way: have you ever heard of chocolate bacon?

Late-2016 I came across an article about Mars: The Live Experience, an event featuring Buzz Aldrin (second person to step foot on the moon) in a three-city tour of Australia, the intent being to drum up support for colonizing the Red Planet. As stated,

For the first time, National Geographic Live is bringing the world's leading authorities together for a unique major live event to discuss global space agency plans and the immense challenges awaiting humankind's next great space adventure.

If you've read even a single post of mine on this blog then you can probably guess that I think

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Baby Doo-Doo: The Future is Here, and it's in the Rear

Could a world overpopulated with bum-bums be our best chance for sustainability? Find out why Julian Simon was right

Note: This post is actually an entry into John Michael Greer's Great Squirrel Case Challenge of 2015 from over at The Archdruid Report. The purpose was to "come up with the most absurd new energy technology you can think of, and write either the giddily dishonest corporate press release or the absurdly sycophantic media article announcing it to the world." Baby Doo-Doo was my attempt and submission.

Regular readers of this recently started blog will be aware that its focus encompasses the broad issues pertaining to the unfolding saga of industrial civilization's collapse. This is in no small part due

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